12 Common Misconceptions About Gaming Chairs That Are Actually Completely False

Game chairs are the next big thing in gaming that all gamers need. If you’re in this market to upgrade your equipment but you’re not sure if you should go with a game chair or not, then this article is for you. In this article,

I’m going to clear up the 12 common misconceptions about gaming chairs so you can understand more about them and decide if they are right for you or not.

They’re sleeker than ever, with plenty of modern features that people love and can’t get enough of. Most gamers are obsessed with gaming chairs and have a burning curiosity to know what the best gaming seat on the market is. I know it can be tough to know which gaming chair is best for you since there are so many out there.


12 Common Myths About Gaming Chairs

There’s one thing you should never do – listen to rumors or read misinformation about gaming chairs as this will only cause more problems than solutions. Here are the 12 myths about gaming chairs:


Gaming Chairs Cost A Fortune

Gaming Chairs can be one of the most expensive pieces of furniture you will buy for your home. It is a myth that you need to spend thousands of dollars on a gaming chair. The truth is that there are several choices at an affordable price that won’t break the bank.

The first thing you want to do before you buy a chair is determined what you will use it for. Is it for sitting at the desk, or playing games? Do you want a leather chair, with speakers and vibration? Or maybe just a simple office-type chair?

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The best place to start is by looking around at various office supply stores. Many of these stores have sales on their chairs periodically, so this is a good time to pick up on some deals. They also have a large range of styles and prices. Just remember that just because they are office chairs doesn’t mean they lack style or comfort. Office chairs can come with all sorts of extras, like massage options and even speakers built into the chair.

Another great place to look for gaming chairs is online auction sites like Amazon. These sites will often feature used gaming chairs and other furnishings for much less than retail prices.


Gaming Chairs Can Only Be Used For Gaming

It is a common myth that gaming chairs only serve one purpose. Although these chairs were originally designed for gamers to be able to play for hours without getting tired, they are now used for more than just that purpose. Some people use them for work, school, and movies. Most of the time these chairs are used in the comfort of the home, but some people are starting to use them in place of their desk chairs.

The truth is that these gaming chairs can be used for more than just games. However, most people who buy gaming chairs do so because they want to sit comfortably during long hours of playing video games. Some of these chairs are very expensive, however, and cost over $150.00 on average. They have many features that make them comfortable to sit in and easy to move around with as well.

Some models even have small speakers built into them or wireless connectivity so you can listen to your favorite music while you play your game or watch your movie. These versatile chairs have been rated highly by critics and customers alike, especially those who like to play video games or watch television shows or movies in their home theatre.


Gaming Chairs Are Bad For Your Body

It’s a common claim that video gaming chairs are bad for your body. But is this just a myth or is there actually some truth behind it?

Tilt your head and think about it. Gamers tend to play for hours on end, so you will be sitting in one position for hours at a time. If you have a cheap chair with little or no support, then this isn’t exactly the best way to be comfortable while playing video games.

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So you start with an average gamer who sits in an average chair for hours at a time, and over time they become “out of shape”. How can you avoid this? The answer is simple: buy the best gaming chair you can afford.


You Need To Be Physically Fit To Sit On A Gaming Chair

It is a common myth that you need to be physically fit to sit in a gaming chair for long periods of time, but this is not true. The only way to determine what kind of chair you should buy and use is to understand your own needs as a gamer.


Tall Gamers  

If you are tall, you might consider buying a larger gaming chair. The most common sizes are 37 inches and 40 inches in width. Some manufacturers even offer chairs wider than 40 inches.


Console Gamers 

If you are a console gamer, you might want to look for chairs with armrests that can be adjusted vertically. This way, you can position the armrests according to your preferences.


Luxury Gamers  

If you are a luxury gamer, there is an abundance of high-quality features available on many gaming chairs such as Adjustable Lumbar Support, Cushioned Padding, and Ergonomic Design. However, if you don’t have the budget for these features now, it’s ok to purchase a less expensive model that does not have all of these features at first. You can always add these features later as your budget allows.


You Can’t Take A Gaming Chair Anywhere

If you’re reading this article, then chances are that you already know what a gaming chair is. If you don’t, it’s just a chair that looks cool and is built to be comfortable to use for extended periods of time. It’s like a computer chair but built with gamers in mind. They come in all shapes and sizes and can even feature cooling systems for the back of your head or seat.

The thing is, once you’ve bought one then you’re left with no other choice but to use it at home. You can’t take them anywhere because they’re too big and bulky to carry around. You can’t even move the chair if the room layout changes. That’s one of the biggest myths about gaming chairs.

If you have a few hundred bucks to spend on a chair then by all means go ahead and buy one. It will be money well spent because these things are as close to gaming nirvana as it gets. Just don’t expect them to be able to withstand the rigors of travel like an office chair can.


Gaming Chairs Are Bulky & Heavy To Move

Gaming chairs are bulky to move and heavy to lift. You might think your office is the best place to set up your gaming chair, but this is not the case. Gaming chairs are made for comfort and for long hours of gameplay. If you sit in the wrong position that causes Neck, Back or Shoulder pain, then it will negatively affect your gameplay. Too much time spent in a bad posture may even cause serious health issues like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


The Tilt Of The Chair Matters: 

When you game, sits on a good tilt that puts your body at an angle that gives your legs some support and does not pull down too much on your spine.


Backrest Matters: 

Your gaming chair’s backrest should be able to support the natural curve of your spine while still keeping you comfortable. A Lumbar Support Pillow is a nice option to have if you want extra support.


Armrests Matter: 

The height of armrests should be adjusted according to the player’s height. You should also make sure that they are padded enough so as not to dig into your shoulder when you rest your arms on them. Another important thing about armrests is that their width should be adjustable, so one player can stretch his arm completely while another can keep his elbows.


Most People Can’t Afford Gaming Chairs Because They’re So Expensive

I still remember when I first heard the word “Gaming Chair”. It was a long time ago, way before I even knew what PC gaming was, but I had come across the word while looking for a new computer gaming chair. Even at that point, I knew it was supposed to be an expensive type of chair, but I didn’t quite get why. In my mind it’s just a chair, so how can there be such a thing as an expensive chair.

The thing is, a lot of people are asking themselves the same question nowadays. They know that gaming chairs usually cost more than regular office chairs, but they don’t really understand why. The problem is that most people just assume that since they can afford an expensive gaming PC and/or console they can also afford a nice gaming chair as well. And that’s definitely not the case.

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Sure you can get some decent PC gaming chairs for ~$100-$200 but when you look at chairs with the better build quality and materials the price quickly goes upwards of $300-$400 or even more in some cases. A good example would be the DXRacer King Series chairs which most people agree are among the best you can get right now (if you’re into racing-type seats).


All the Gaming Chairs Are The Same

There are many different types of gaming chairs available out there, most of them have the same basic features and design. They look the same, and they function the same way. The only thing that makes these chairs different from each other is their price. The gaming chair design is identical and has no differences between them at all.

The truth is that gaming chairs are actually cheaper than normal office chairs of similar quality. This means that when you buy a good quality gaming chair, you will get more value and more features for less money than if you were to buy an office chair instead. If you are looking for the best deal possible, then you should go with a budget gaming chair like the DXRacer.


Gaming Chairs Are More Expensive Than Regular Office chairs

Gaming chairs are always more expensive than regular office chairs. It is also a common myth that you have to have a gaming chair to be able to game for hours and hours on end. The best gaming chairs for long hours of gameplay are comfortable, but they aren’t as expensive as you might think.

Taller people can bring down the cost by shopping online. When you’re looking for a new chair, there are a few things you should consider before buying. You want something that will last, and you’ll need to invest in the proper equipment to make sure your posture is held straight so your back doesn’t hurt after long hours of gameplay.

The best gaming chairs for long hours of gameplay are comfortable, but they aren’t as expensive as you might think. Let’s take a look at some of the best gaming chairs out there and how they can help you when it comes to sitting comfortably while playing games for long periods of time.


Gaming Chairs Are Not For Kids

Gaming chairs are growing in popularity. It is a common myth that gaming chairs are for kids. In fact, the average user of a gaming chair is 15-20 years old. The market for gaming chairs has been growing in recent years, and the market for a gaming chair is expected to grow by about 12 percent in the next few years, which shows that more people are getting into the trend of having a gaming chair.

Gaming chairs are not for kids. It is a myth that parents buy gaming chairs for their kids because the child likes to play video games. The truth is, gaming chairs are for gamers who like to play video games or watch TV. They are built from the ground up for gamers, offering features such as swivel motions, reclining positions, and built-in speakers. These features make it easier to navigate through a game while sitting comfortably with no back pains. They also make watching TV more enjoyable because you can adjust the chair to your needs.


Gaming Chairs Take Up Too Much Space

It is a common misconception that gaming chairs are a waste of space. This is not true, although many people do find that they don’t fit into their home or apartment. The first concern people have is the size. If you are purchasing your chair online then you should look at the dimensions of the chair to ensure it will fit into your office or living room. The other thing people worry about is the price. Although these chairs can be expensive, there are some good deals out there for cheaper models.

Gaming chairs is a common piece of furniture for gamers. It is a common myth that these chairs are quite big in size and it is almost impossible to fit them inside a room. The fact is, most gaming chairs can be folded, just like any other new chair. But you need to pay attention when you buy them as there are many different types of gaming chairs with different qualities.

Tall people are comfortable with playing games on their computer or laptop, but they often get uncomfortable after a few hours of sitting in the same place. That’s why buying the best gaming chair for tall people is a must if you want to enjoy your game session without having back pain or neck pain afterward.


Only Serious Gamers Need It

It is a myth that only serious gamers need the gaming chair. These chairs are made for people who need to sit for long hours and spend a lot of time on their computers. The chairs are ergonomic as they have been made with high back support and can be adjusted to fit any kind of body shape. They give you the comfort that you need especially if you have been sitting in an uncomfortable office chair all day.

It’s also a myth that you will look silly if you use either one of these chairs. If you are looking for one that has a professional style, then go ahead and buy one, but if you want to just relax at home and get comfortable, then go ahead and buy one that has cool designs such as flames or skulls. You do not have to worry about your friends making fun of you because they look cool too.

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The best thing about these chairs is that they are very affordable as compared to an office chair which can cost twice as much. They are also durable and highly functional as compared to most computer armchairs available in the market today. So the next time the boss asks you why you need a gaming chair, just show him the advantages it can offer you such as better posture when at work or even when playing games at home.



While many of the misconceptions surrounding gaming chairs may be rooted in truth, they tend to dwindle down to a few key factors that keep coming up. We urge you not to judge a product by its cover, rather experience it first and make an informed decision on whether or not it is right for you. The criteria we have listed are based on our severe research and thorough experiments.

The truth is that gaming chairs are really just chairs based on the same ergonomics used for office chairs. Although gaming companies market them towards gamers, these chairs are safe to use for anybody who sits for long periods of time and want to support their posture. In fact, with the Technology and Features that are implemented in these gaming chairs from trusted brands, it’s clear that they can provide more comfort than the average office chair.

Overall, gaming chairs are an area that is not necessarily all that confusing. They generally offer more Comfort, Durability, Technology, and Better Ergonomics than your traditional stationary office chair. All in all, gaming chairs can make playing games with friends online even more enjoyable. To meet these ends, consider the 12 common misconceptions about gaming chairs above and keep them in mind when making a purchase or getting into a conversation about what gaming chairs can do for you.


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