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If you love gaming just like we do, then you must be looking for ways to comfortably experience your favorite games. If so, the Nokaxus Gaming Chair is your ideal choice. This chair is specially designed with ergonomic features and related accessories. That benefits both casual and professional gamers. The chair is designed to meet the demands of all-day use.

Would you like to be the best gamer around? Are you ready to take the throne and rule the world of game triumph with a powerful computer and unbeatable gaming chair? Of course, you are! Everyone knows that it doesn’t matter what kind of computer you use, or which console you play, but it is all about which chair you use to “Game On!”


Nokaxus Gaming Chair Pink/Black

The Nokaxus is the ultimate gaming chair in which you can play, work, rest, and play again. Being ergonomically designed. This Gaming chair is also available in multiple colors like Black, Pink, and many more colors. It provides exceptional back support and allows for long hours of relaxing gaming sessions. Its Adjustable lumbar support adds to the comfort level. Thus keeping your posture intact for prolonged hours of fun.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-6008 Large Size

The sturdy frame made out of high-quality steel gives a luxurious feel. The adjustable arms offer an advantage over traditional armrests and provide comfort. As well as great stability during gaming sessions held at your home or at a LAN party. Features: 360-degree cold-curing hydraulic gas lift Adjustable lumbar support meets all industry standards up to 500 lbs.

We all see the benefits of having a chair with a nice seat and back cushion. At Nokaxus did not stop there. The company made the entire chair just as comfortable by allowing you to choose from different color options. Adding quality foam inside the cushions, and making sure your frame can withstand years of use.

Nokaxus use a scratch-resistant nylon material for a mesh design. Which saves you time and money on fabric upkeep. After all Nokaxus’s efforts to create something aesthetically pleasing. We still found no better way of letting everyone know how great this gaming chair is. Then slapping the brand logo right on the backrest. You know that Nokaxus went above and beyond to make your experience great!

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Nokaxus YK-6008 Gaming Chair Review

Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK- 6008 is a special gaming chair, which is of large size and frame. This gaming chair has been specially designed and keeps in view your comfort. Not only this, but it comes in many colors, which are the best thing. It is of modern style. The Yueke’s Nokaxus Gaming Chair is an amazing chair to play games in your leisure time.



It is made from high-quality PU leather. The chair is equipped with large and soft handrails whose height can be adjusted. A thicker high-density sponge will give you a more comfortable cushioning experience. A wide backrest will provide you with better support. It-Easy to assemble, lightweight, and convenient to clean. A lockable front wheel, adjustable backrest, and comfortable padded seat offer extra comfort and support for your back and legs.

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Sit back and relax on this padded swivel chair and keep yourself comfortable at work. Featuring adjustable height, leather-like look, thick high-density sponge seat cushion, and plastic footrest. The Nokaxus Gaming Swivel Chair is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort for your back and neck. The large handrails ensure your safety and support you to move the chair easily. It is also a beautiful addition to any room.

It is equipped with large and soft handrails whose height can be adjusted. This high-quality chair is definitely a bonus feature worth your attention. Its thick high-density sponge will give you more comfortable cushioning while a wide backrest will offer you better support. It can simultaneously adjust the height of the armrest to your preference, which gives you great relief. What’s more, the PU leather material provides top comfort for long-time seating.

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This indoor sports chair is made of high-quality natural leather with a colorful printing design. That makes it look stylish and also very comfortable. The thick and large handrail can fulfill your need for steadiness when you watch TV or play video games. The adjustable height of the backrest and seat can enable you to adjust the height freely to suit your height requirement. This chair will bring you not only comfort but also fashion.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-6008 Large Size

This is a popular computer chair for a long time use. It is made of quality PU leather which makes it more durable and comfortable. The chair has an ergonomic design that supports the back, neck, and shoulders. So you can work in comfort without straining or slouching.

Wish your office desk could be a little more relaxing? Then this chair is definitely. what you’re looking for? It features a larger seat and higher backrest, offering additional support to the upper body.  It is made of premium PU leather, which boasts a high quality and long-lasting durability. It’s also flexible enough to form curves that are gentle on the body and offer plenty of comforts.

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The main reason behind this sturdy chair is its outstanding design. The chair’s skeleton is made of strong steel, and the whole upholstery is of pure, long-lasting leather. Not only are rolling casters also made of strong PU materials. This ergonomically designed office chair can prevent you from back and neck injuries. While you work on your computer and will make your work much easier.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-6008 Large Size

This chair is as sturdy as it looks, which is a must when looking for chairs that can last long. That’s why this chair has a skeleton made of steel, top-quality leather upholstery, and rubber wheels. This combination creates comfort and sturdiness, making it absolutely ideal for the office. Plus, with its compact size, it’s easy to find space for it in the office, so you can take advantage of this amazing offer!

The distinctive design of this chair is what makes it stand out from most other contemporary chairs. The steel frame is the main contributing factor. But so are the leather upholstery, the sturdiness of the casters, and their ability to roll easily in any direction. Its black color adds serenity to the chair’s overall design. That makes it fit places a lot more easily than other similar chairs.

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In terms of adjustability, the Nokaxus Gaming Chair does very well. When you want to sit back and relax, you can do so easily with the Nokaxus Gaming Chair. A gas lift function lets you adjust the height of the chair, while a tilting function makes the back recline from 90 degrees up to a full 180.

The Nokaxus Gaming Chair is an entertaining and visually aesthetic office chair. Its attractive design comes with a wide range of adjustability for the best possible user experience.

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Nokaxus have created an innovative gaming chair. That caters to the needs of gamers for comfort and adjustability. Traditionally, chairs have limited recline and need the user to change their angle by leaning backward. This can be especially troublesome.

If you want to effectively lean forward towards your TV or computer monitor, but don’t want to risk falling backward. With Nokaxus’ innovation, the back of the chair tilts from 90 degrees backward to 180 degrees forwards. In terms of adjustability, this is a unique feature that contributes greatly to the suitability of this product for gaming purposes.

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Value For Money

An ergonomic office chair with sleek modern design and multi-functional features. Nokaxus is a Task Chair that has been designed to provide comfort and ergonomics at the same time. Being highly recommended by many specialists in Human Health and Ergonomics, Nokaxus is a 360° swivel task chair with a 4-way nylon base, a soft PU seat. A lumbar support system, steel frame with armrests, arms, and adjustable seat height (counterbalanced).

Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-6008 Large Size

Also, front wheels enable extra mobility, and back wheels enable stability. It’s a full package of many features for a price of around $200.

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Rethink your seat with the versatile Yueke’s Nokaxus gaming chair. The ergonomic design supports lumbar and tailbone support. So you’ll be able to play for hours without pain. The high-quality material ensures you’ll get a smooth ride at an affordable price.

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Nokaxus Gaming Chair Assembly

Assembly is quick and easy with this one. There are a few videos on Youtube, including this one that shows how to put this chair together.

This chair comes pre-assembled from the factory. But if you want to disassemble it for moving or quick storage purposes, check out the video on YouTube.

You’re going to love this new chair from Yueke. It’s a high-quality ergonomic gaming chair. That comes with Nokaxus’ pretty famous Kicker Sound System (KSS). The side handles and adjustable lumbar support make it easy for you to grab the chair and move it around. It’s an extremely comfortable seat for long office hours, and it makes for a good home theater or gaming chair.


You Should Buy It?

The Nokaxus gaming chair is a great chair for gamers. They want to be comfortable during long playing hours. Enjoy top-of-the-line features like the adjustable headrest, seat, armrest, and back pillows. Every unit is built to last with high-grade durable materials and professional quality hardware.

Nokaxus gaming chair is built to provide years of use without breaking down. Even when subjected to rough treatment. If you want a luxurious look gaming chair and feel, then you should buy it.

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You shouldn’t need to be a celebrity or a professional gamer. To enjoy the comfort and luxury of this leather recliner, a high-backed gaming chair. With a padded base and multiple recline settings, you can kick back, relax and game as much as you want. And with reinforced steel frame construction and durably padded fabric armrests.

This chair is amazing. I have had cheaper chairs and this one brings back the joy of gaming just by being comfortable. This chair has a great rocker base and is very stylish. The fact that it is so light and easy to set up makes it even better.


QnA About Nokaxus Gaming Chair

What is the warranty policy like on the Nokaxus Gaming Chair?

To replace or repair the Ghost gaming chair issued if broken, missing, or non-repairable: will replace the item (s) free of cost. You will have to report any problem within 10 days of receiving your chair, and the manufacturer (Yueke) gives you a 1-year warranty.


Why Is It So Attractive?

You will certainly be surprised that an outdoor chair with a backrest can come in attractive colors instead of ordinary ones. This chair is sure to impress other people because it looks unique and attractive. What is more, you will find it charming because of its soft pink, blue, red or black hue.


How To Clean This Gaming Chair?

Have you ever thought about how dirty your gaming chair gets, no matter how hard you try to avoid holding it with your hands that have been all over the place? Clean your gaming chair with ease by simply soaking a sponge or rag with soap and warm water and scrubbing the areas clean of their dirt and stains. You can also use a cleaning solvent if you want to disinfect them, and it is recommended.


How Much Should You Spend On A Gaming Chair?

You can find the best product for your needs. If you are a true gaming fan, then the price of these products won’t matter to you. However, for most of us, the important thing about these products is the price tag. In this review, you will learn about some of the best gaming seats or chairs on the market today. All of these products are great options, and they all come at affordable prices.


What Is The Benefit Of The Gaming Chair?

The Nokaxus gaming chair is an affordable luxury and is super comfortable. The high-quality material ensures you’ll get a smooth ride and the ergonomic design will keep your back from hurting even after playing for hours. Nokaxus included lumbar support and tailbone support to relieve your lower back and sitting pain. It’s easy to move around your room so you can place it where you play best or add it to the family room so everyone can enjoy it as a sofa.


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