Review: KCream Gaming Chair, Worth The Price in 2022?

Are you a gamer? Well, I am, at least I like to think I am. A friend of mine introduced me to gaming with Call of Duty and it got me hooked right away. It saved me from the daily grind that most people have to go through to make an honest living.

That being said, when it came to finding a new gaming chair. That would be comfortable enough for countless hours of sitting on my butt and also provide excellent ergonomics. So I can support my back during long playing sessions, there were plenty of options.

My friend told me about this chair called KCream Gaming Chair. It sounded really good so we ordered two just to see if it was worth the price.

For many of us hardcore gamers, comfort is a top priority when choosing gaming gear. If a seat isn’t comfortable, you won’t be able to focus. That’s why today I’m reviewing the KCream Gaming Seat in 2022 and sharing with you whether I think it’s worth the price.


Reviews About KCream Gaming Chair

This is a review of the KCream Gaming Chair in 2022, which clocks in at around $200 on Amazon and is claimed to be the “world’s first gaming chair with a cooling pad built-in”. In this review, I will take you through my own experience with the product and share my opinion with you.



The KCream Gaming Chair comes standard with a headrest, lumbar support pillow, and armrests. These are all removable, should you choose not to use them. The backrest of this chair has a slight curve to it that makes it fit nicely against your back, providing good lumbar support.

The pillow for your lower back is also adjustable via velcro straps in the back of the chair. The armrests are fairly comfortable as well, but if you’re tall like me, you may have to move them up.

KCream Gaming Chair

I recently had the opportunity to review a gaming chair from KCream. I’ve never used a gaming chair before so I didn’t really know what to expect. I do, however, know that my old desk chair is not going to cut it for long periods of gameplay. I’m pretty big on ergonomics and keeping my body healthy and comfortable, so this was actually perfect timing for me.

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The Tilt gaming chair has been designed with comfort in mind. The seat and backrest are padded with foam cushioning which prevents your back from getting too hot while you’re enjoying your games. The cushioning ensures that you are well supported while you’re playing, making it less likely that you’ll get any kind of strain or pain from sitting for long periods of time.

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Tilt features an ergonomic design that provides great support to your lower and upper body whilst sitting down. This is why it makes a perfect chair for those who spend many hours sitting down. It has a heavy-duty base and 5 castor wheels which allow you to move the chair around easily and quickly.

Sitting for long hours in front of the computer can be a drag on your health and your productivity. The KCream Office Gaming Chair is designed to keep you comfortable, and productive, no matter how long you sit. Constructed from durable steel and covered in high-density PU leather.

The chair reclines up to 155 degrees, as well as supports up to 300 pounds. An extendable footrest, adjustable headrest, 2D adjustable armrests–all combined with a built-in lumbar support system to ensure maximum comfort–make this chair the ultimate office companion.

The KCream gaming chair is designed for comfort and maneuverability during intense gaming sessions or long days at work. This chair is equipped with a comfortable seat and backrest as well as ball-bearing casters.

So you can glide around the computer desk or office easily. With a padded headrest and lumbar support, this chair offers Extral comfort and support to your back. And with its height change capability and 360-degree swivel, it’s easy to find that perfect position for that marathon gaming session.

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KCream gaming chair is made of high-quality steel and wood, providing 300 pounds of weight capacity. This luxurious gaming chair provides you comfort and convenience even in long hours of playing games. It is equipped with various functions, such as reclining function, 15-degree rocking function, 2D adjustable armrests, extendable footrest, massage lumbar support, seat height adjustment, and 360-degree swivel. Product Dimensions: Depth Overall: 26.9 Inches.

KCream Gaming Chair is a modern office chair that has been designed with your comfort in mind. Featuring a high-quality integrated one-piece steel frame, the chair will provide you with years of enjoyment after assembly. Well built at durable polyurethane leatherette upholstery.

This stylish chair comes with 2D adjustable armrests, an adjustable headrest, and lumbar support cushion for extra comfort, and also a 15-degree rocking function for maximum relaxation at work. Of course, all these features wouldn’t mean anything if the chair wasn’t comfortable. But luckily this one can recline up to 155 Degrees and ensure you stay comfortable as possible while gaming or working.

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The KCream Gaming Chair is ideal for providing comfort to both office workers and avid gamers. Whether used to complete lengthy work tasks or play the latest games, this ergonomic chair is designed to accommodate all body types.

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Value for Money

This chair is so comfortable that you’ll never want to leave. It has great support for your neck and the lumbar region as well as a nice cushioned seat for extended gaming sessions. It also comes with a headrest pillow and a built-in lumbar pillow for added support. The back has large armrests for comfort and can be adjusted to anywhere between 90-170 degrees settings making it great for playing games or working from the comfort of your home.

KCream Gaming Chair

This chair is so comfortable that you’ll never want to leave. It has great support for your neck and the lumbar region as well as a nice cushioned seat for extended gaming sessions. It also comes with a headrest pillow and a built-in lumbar pillow for added support. The back has large armrests for comfort and can be adjusted to anywhere between 90-170 degrees settings making it great for playing games or working from the comfort of your home.

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The way an office chair works is it is supposed to support your weight and also keep you comfortable while you sit. The KCream Gaming Chair did it to my expectations and more, as I mentioned earlier. I was able to use the KCream Chair for 10 hours+ with no irritation at all. I firmly believe there are no other office chairs out there that can do what this chair does for the same price range. In other words, If you are like me and work long hours in the office, then this might be a great investment worth looking into.

The KCream Gaming chair is well built, comfortable, durable, and versatile enough that you could use it for gaming or work. I seriously enjoyed reviewing this chair and will keep using this as my primary gaming chair while I design furniture. My only major gripe is the price; at $300, it’s a major investment that many gamers can’t afford. But if you need a high-quality chair and don’t mind paying extra, this is definitely the Gaming Chair for you!

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The KCream or Kdream Gaming Chair is definitely a worthwhile buy if you’re looking to get yourself a new gaming chair. It’s comfortable, stylish, and looks great in any room of your home. It’s easy to assemble and costs about as much as a normal gaming chair (around $200). Overall it’s a good choice for gamers on the go.

In the end, though, I like having a comfortable chair to sit on while I play, rather than sitting in my standard office chair. As far as a value-for-money concern goes, paying just a little more for the KCream Gaming Chair will ensure that you have plenty of amenities to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Whether it’s worth it or not will depend largely on your own gaming habits. But don’t forget to factor in the resale value—the added price tag is worth it if you plan to sell the chair back for at least what you paid for it.

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Is the KCream Gaming Chair really worth the high price?

If you’re a casual gamer I would say probably not. The $450 price tag is too much for something that is just sitting on your butt. Especially when there are chairs out there offered at a fraction of the cost that will still get the job done just fine. For hardcore gamers and eSports pros though, this chair has a lot to offer, and it’s easily worth the steep price.

KCream Gaming Chair

It has some flaws, but it’s a solid chair that will give you hours of comfortable viewing and gaming time as well as relieve back pain over long sessions. It looks great, and at a certain point, every little detail adds up to justify spending so much money on a chair if that’s what you want to do.

In any case, you’re probably wondering whether the KCream Gaming chair is worth the hefty price tag. That depends on your needs and expectations for a gaming chair. Assuming that you’re looking for a premium, customizable gaming experience, you can’t go wrong with this chair.

It looks great in any room, it provides a level of ergonomic comfort that other chairs simply can’t match, and it’s a great value for how much you get. If you have the cash to spare, we don’t think that you’ll regret your investment.

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How to connect a Bluetooth gaming chair?

The first thing you need to do is decide if you want a wired or wireless gaming chair. A wired gaming chair will have a wire that attaches to the chair and plugs into the X Rocker transmitter. The wireless model has no physical connection between the chair and transmitter, instead, it uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transmit audio from any compatible source device.

A wireless gaming chair will offer you a few different options for how to power it. Some of these chairs can be powered by plugging in an AC adapter or using batteries. If you use batteries, you will have the option of either buying rechargeable batteries or changing out standard AA batteries as needed. Keep in mind that if your battery dies in the middle of a game, it can be an interruption. That takes your mind off of things and leads to missed shots and lost fights.

Another feature that some wireless gaming chairs have is the ability to connect directly to RCA cables or 3.5mm jacks on your TV set. While this isn’t always necessary, it can come in handy if you are playing games with multiple people or are having friends over for a gaming party.


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