The Review of RESPAWN 205 Racing Style Gaming Chair

There are people who pay thousands of dollars to race cars in the real world, but they actually sit in cockpits that you and I can afford. In this review, we take a look at RESPAWN’s 205 Gaming Chair!


RESPAWN 205 Racing Style Gaming Chair

The RESPAWN 205 is a Mid-Range Gaming Chair at a low-end price, and it’s one of the better models of its type. It’s not as comfortable or well-made as the Herman Miller Embody, but it costs about half as much, so you can expect a few compromises.

Tall people will probably find this chair to be too short. I’m over 6 feet and my knees barely touch the Front Edge of the seat. People with wide hips might also find this chair to be uncomfortable. It has an Average Weight Capacity of 250 Pounds, so it should work for most people.

RESPAWN 205 Racing Style Gaming Chair

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If you’re tall or have wide hips, you’ll probably want to spend a bit more money on a better chair like the Herman Miller Embody or Steelcase Gesture. But if you don’t need something high-end and back pain isn’t an issue for you. The RESPAWN 205 is an excellent choice that won’t break the bank.

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RESPAWN 205 Racing Style Gaming Chair Review

If you game a lot, then you know how important it is to have a good gaming chair. It has to be comfortable and durable. The Respawn 205 is designed with gamers in mind. The design is made so that it can hold up well to the rigors of daily use and still look stylish.


The first thing that you will notice about this chair is the design. The colors and lines make you think of a racing car seat. It has decent padding on the Back and Armrests to make the chair more comfortable.

The design of the chair is very nice looking, and it’s even better than I imagined when I first saw it. The armrests are padded for extra comfort and support and there are also two cup holders built into the armrests. This comes in handy if you like to have your drink close by while gaming. The material covering the chair feels soft, smooth, and comfortable to the touch.

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If you game a lot, then you know how important it is to have a good gaming chair. It has to be Comfortable and Durable. The Respawn 205 is designed with gamers in mind. The design is made so that it can hold up well to the rigors of daily use and still look stylish.

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The RESPAWN 205 Chair is also Well-Padded. The backrest of the chair is thickly padded with an extra layer of cushioning around it to make it more comfortable. The armrests also have good padding on them so that you can lean against them for long gaming sessions.

RESPAWN 205 Racing Style Gaming Chair

There are some other features like thick Leg Rest, Adjustable Headrest, and Lumbar Support Pillow. That adds to your comfort while gaming for long periods of time.

The headrest can be adjusted to three different positions for added Neck Support and Comfort. This may sound trivial but a good headrest or pillow can improve your posture in front of the computer for long periods of time. Which reduces fatigue and strain on your Arms, Neck, Shoulders, Back, and Eyesight as well.

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The chair features adjustable Tilt Tension Control which allows you to find the perfect position. That best suits you, there’s also an adjustable back height adjustment that allows you to sit at an angle. That matches your body’s Natural Posture which helps to reduce fatigue in your Back, Neck, and Shoulders.

The chair includes a headrest pillow and a lumbar cushion. Which provides support for your neck, lower back, and lower spine. Along with full-body support to maximize comfort while sitting on the chair.

RESPAWN 205 Racing Style Gaming Chair

You will want a chair that has an Adjustable Tilt Mechanism. The latter allows you to lock in an angle that you find most comfortable. Achieving this may vary depending on the size of your body. As well as a personal preference as some prefer leaning back while others would like to lean forward. But, what is important is that it does not cause any Stress or Strain on your Back.

This chair does take some time to adjust to a fully upright position as most chairs do. But once you are used to it, it is a breeze to go from a sitting position to standing in seconds flat. When I am done using it for the day I usually fold it up and place it in the corner until the next time.

It can easily hold up to 250 Lbs so I would imagine anyone up to 6’5″ (my height) would be able to use this comfortably without a problem. The seat is extremely comfortable as well. I have several better brands of office chairs in my house and none of them are as comfortable as this one.

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The high back is another common feature of gaming chairs that serves a practical purpose. It helps support your Neck and Head by keeping them in an upright position, unlike when you’re sitting on a couch.

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When you’re looking for a gaming chair, it’s important to find one that is comfortable, sturdy, and affordable. The Respawn 205 Racing Style Gaming Chair from X-Rocker fits the bill on all three of those points. It features Cushioned Back and Seat. That is adjustable along with Lumbar Support for maximum comfort.

It also has a steel frame that provides a lifetime of Durability and an Ergonomic Design. That allows you to sit upright while Playing or even Watching TV. You can also adjust its height which means you can use it to work at your desk as well. The Respawn Gaming Chair is very well priced when compared with other gaming chairs on the market so it’s great for those on a budget.

I really like how it feels when I’m sitting in this chair since it’s really Comfortable and Supportive. If you’re looking for a great chair that will last you a long time then look no further than the RESPAWN 205 Racing Style Gaming Chair.

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Is The RESPAWN 205 Racing Style Gaming Chair Is The Perfect Deal?

If you enjoy gaming or playing video games in general, then you have probably heard the name Respawn. The company is well-known for making a line of competitive gaming chairs and stools. Which are very well received among both gamers, as well as in the website community.

Most of the Respawn Series was designed with ergonomics in mind. One of the best attributes would be that they are also adaptable to whichever style you want them to be in as well as your own personal needs.

RESPAWN 205 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Respawn Gaming has given us the 205 models in their lineup, but there are some differences between the two main series they carry. For an example of what we mean, the different series come with Different Adjustment Possibilities.

The RESPAWN 205 offers a higher level of comfort and ergonomics than any other chair in its price range. Making a perfect fit for the regular gamer or office worker. With a myriad of color and material options (all of which are extremely affordable). It’s hard not to find one that fits your personal style preferences.

The only thing holding it back is some minor assembly required. For anyone longing to feel like they’re sitting in their own custom gaming seat, this is certainly the way to go.

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Overall, the Respawn is a Versatile Gaming Chair at an affordable price. The armrests, lumbar support, and headrest make it a good choice for long gaming sessions. Though there are some things that could use improvement (the material especially) it still deserves a spot on any gamer’s desk.

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Are Respawn Chairs Real Leather?

The Respawn chair is a pretty sweet-looking gaming chair. It has all the features you’d expect to find in a good quality chair and then some. The Respawn chair is available in three different color combinations, one of them being black and red leather, hence the question.

The thing is, it’s not 100% leather. You won’t see “Leather Like” or “Man-Made Leather” on the box when it arrives but it still doesn’t mean it’s low quality. The Respawn chair has been designed with Real Leather Upholstery but without all the maintenance of a real leather chair.

Real leather chairs need to be cleaned regularly and conditioned with special products to avoid Cracking, Peeling, or Drying out over time. If you’re someone who wants a gaming chair that’s going to last you for years without having to maintain it. Then Respawn’s faux leather upholstery is a great choice for you.

So no, the chairs aren’t made out of real leather, but they are High-Quality Chairs. That has been designed using real leather components. So don’t be put off if you were looking for 100% Real Leather!

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Do Respawn Chairs  Recline?

It’s a common question for anyone considering buying one of these gaming chairs. The answer is YES!

Absolutely. Respawn chairs recline to 135 degrees, which is about the same as a Standard Recliner. They’re designed to encourage you to game in a relaxed position.

Respawn Chairs recline up to 135° which is much more than most office chairs. We designed these chairs with gamers in mind, so we wanted them to be able to tilt back far enough to get comfortable while playing their favorite games.

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The Respawn chair comes with a Locking Mechanism. That can be used to lock the chair in any of the 20 different seating positions you will find on the lever that is attached to the bottom of your chair.

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Do Respawn Chairs Rock?

As an avid gamer and console owner, I have gone through plenty of gaming chairs over the years. From the more “budget” big box store options like, Office Depot to more premium options such as DX Racer. I have spent a lot of time and money finding what works best for me at my desk.

I’ve always been a fan of the Higher-End Gaming Chair Brands. Because they tend to put more into their overall build quality and comfort than the companies you find in big box stores. Many of them cost a lot, but in my experience, they are worth it.

When Respawn reached out with this review opportunity, I was excited to see how their products stacked up against the bigger names in gaming chairs. I was particularly interested in how close to those premium brands they could get for around $250.


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