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Do you want your gaming to be more enjoyable? more comfortable? Try the HyperX STEALTH Alpha Gaming Chair, with its high-quality design and comfortable seating, you will feel the difference. This chair is designed for long hours of gaming. The ergonomically designed faux leather chair has a padded seat and lumbar support. That contours to your body so you can play for hours on end with no pain.

The chair is packed with great features. Designed for comfort with ergonomic PU leather upholstery and headrest cushion, armrests, and lumbar support help you sit in style. There are casters on the footrest so you can shift your position easily. Aluminum backrest gives you a pleasant relief. Enjoy the 360-degree swivel and tilt feature that lets you find your most comfortable position.


HyperX STEALTH Alpha Gaming Chair Review

No more neck pain or backaches., this ergonomic, high-quality gaming chair with power-adjustable lumbar support and vibration functions. That lasts up to 4 hours, incomparable to other cheap gaming chairs. The swiveling vibration function is built-in with a spring system. That allows you to easily adjust the angle of the chair, featuring a 360-degree rotation with tilt control.



This Gaming chair is built with a strong steel frame with lightweight aluminum legs. The HyperX STEALTH can easily be adjusted to your preferred position. A smooth hydraulic piston mechanism allows for a quick 60° of seat angle adjustment. PU leather upholstery ensures a comfortable seating experience and cold-cure foam adds firm yet comfortable support that molds to your body shape.

HyperX STEALTH Alpha Gaming Chai

The Classy Crimson/Black edition of the HyperX High-Back STEALTH series chair. It comes with luxurious hand-crafted simulated leather upholstery and cold-cure foam to create. That perfect balance between comfort and support. This durable, steel-framed gaming chair can withstand even the longest gameplay sessions. While still being lightweight enough to move around without a hassle.

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This ultimate gaming chair is Covered in a cold cure foam system. The STEALTH Series chair’s seat and back cushion support your body weight with the ideal proportions. The chair’s custom pneumatic height adjustment is powered by an efficient, reliable, and quiet motor for smooth operation and supreme comfort.

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You’ve got the gaming setup. You’ve got the desktop PC and the peripherals. You’ve got the mouse, the headset, and all the other goodies. But what about that essential piece of furniture? This is where kick-back comfort meets sleek design with this iconic HyperX Gaming Chair.

HyperX STEALTH Alpha Gaming Chai

This chair is built to make every second count for your win ratio. Features cold-cure foam upholstered PU leather specifically engineered for the HyperX Fury S Pro gaming chair. This chair is molded to your body’s shape with a medium-density foam cushion. That provides a firm resistance without being either soft or hard. This gaming chair is exclusively designed for extra comfort during long hours of extended play.

The HyperX STEALTH set is designed to meet the needs of players. With an upholstery made of high-quality leather, its cold-cure foam padding is precisely cut for supreme comfort. This chair will keep your back and neck cool and dry in hot weather conditions with increased airflow underneath the seat. Play like a pro on this sleek, stable, and well-traveled chair.

It features genuine PU leather upholstered in black and premium cold-cure foam. The HyperX® Gaming Chair – Red delivers the ultimate comfortable experience during those long hours of gaming. The chair is crafted with excellent construction with plush padding and reinforced stitching throughout.

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When using your STEALTH, it is recommended to tie a belt around your waist to keep the lumbar support in its optimal posture. By doing so, you can enjoy more than 4.5cm of adjustable lumbar support and avoid early backpains.

The STEALTH to the rescue! Because of a recent tragedy in the lives, the company created STEALTH. The lumbar support of the gaming chair was focused on 3 curvature zones: cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. Then, Nordic Game Supply built the adjustable lumbar support into the frame of STEALTH to provide the perfect curvature mapping to your back based on your height.

In this way, even if your back is not perfectly straight or you have any other health issues (like a little hump on your back). This ergonomic solution is designed for everyone’s spine.

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The HyperX STEALTH lumber support is the heart of the beast! It provides support for your lower back and spine, reducing strain during long hours of gaming. Its unique inward curvature supports your curve and reduces fatigue on your lumbar muscles. By maintaining a comfortable position for long periods.

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Other Features

The updated  HyperX STEALTH  Gaming Chair is now better than ever. With a class 4 extended Gaslift to provide support for up to 330 lbs and a plush, comfortable design for long gaming sessions. This sturdy chair is ideal for gamers of any level who play in front of a computer every day.

Have you ever gotten into your recliner only to fight your way out of recline? Well, worry not! The Multi-functional tilt mechanism allows you to lock the chair in any tilted position. It allows a smooth tilt when rocking and a greater depth of tilt making this a relaxing comfortable chair. No more troubles getting out of that chair!

HyperX STEALTH Alpha Gaming Chai

The comfort of the HyperX STEALTH Alpha Lumber is where the fun begins. The Multi-functional Tilt mechanism is not just any common tilt mechanism like the competitors. The key to comfort and quality with a rocking chair is an adjustable, multi-functional tilt mechanism.

All the competitor’s systems are limited in how far. They can tilt forward or back and some can only be locked into three different tilted positions. The company has been able to incorporate a variety of six different locked positions enabling you to find the perfect position for your needs.

This works in conjunction with the extra deep contoured seat. Which provides great lower back support to help keep you comfortable for hours on end. The Nordic Game Supply has incorporated a strong tubular steel frame. Which helps provide extra support and stability to the chair minimizing any rocking movement from side to side or front to back when locked.

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Value for money

This Gaming chair is all you need for a better gaming experience. It features a smooth tilt when rocking and a greater depth of tilt making this a comfortable chair. The ergonomics and material quality are excellent, the price is very competitive and the assembly is simple. All these qualities make it a perfect deal for everyone.

It provides smooth tilt when rocking, and can tilt to a greater depth. And the chair allows you to lock the backrest into position at different angles for your extra comfort. Ergonomically designed for lumbar support, this rocker recliner features a removable headrest.

The chair is also engineered with an adjustable seat height and arm height control so you can always find that perfect fit. It’s all the features you need in a gaming chair at the price you want from GameCircle!

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This gaming chair is a great value for the cost. It is a very comfortable and sturdy chair that you will love playing in all night. It has many features, including the ability to adjust your tilt, when rocking back and forth or leaning back to lay down.

A cup holder arm with a USB charging port, footrest, adjustable armrests, and height, articulating lumbar support cushion, and headrest cushion. Overall it is an amazing gaming chair that far surpasses the cost.

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The  HyperX STEALTH Alpha gaming chair is high-end, a tad spendy, but delivers the quality you would expect. The comfort of this chair is unbelievable, it contains Zero gravity chairs, headrests, and neck cushions to provide relaxation and comfort. While you play your games sit upfront or laying down.

The alpha gaming chair, priced around 399 American dollars, is a high-end ergonomic computer gaming chair. That has the potential to earn a permanent place in your gaming and office setup thanks to its comfortable design, sturdy build, and excellent support for long hours of sitting.

This chair, despite not having the racing style bucket seat cushioning usually seen on most gaming chairs. It is a comfort-conscious ergonomic computer gaming seat and provides great support for anyone who struggles with long hours of sitting at their desk.

This may be the most ergonomic gaming chair available due to its adjustable neck support and back support. The seat cushioning is top-notch and feels as though it will last for a long time without breaking down.

The only area that  HyperX needs to improve on is it’s lumbar cushioning. This would make this chair ideal to use for many hours at a time while sitting in front of a computer screen.

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There are plenty of great gaming chairs out there, and luckily for you. You’re not stuck with just one option, each chair offers its own unique set of pros and cons. So be sure to research online and read gaming chair reviews before making a final choice. Some chairs may even suit your needs better than others.

It might depend on how much legroom you need, or how portable you want to keep things (not to mention price). I hope that this review has helped to point you in the right direction, but don’t take my word for it. Do a little research of your own, and see what other options are available from brands like DXRacer, X Ricker, or Hbada.

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People Ask About Gaming Chairs

How To Sit Comfortably In A Gaming Chair?

Sitting without support can flatten the spine, forcing it to curve in an unhealthy way. When you sit with a lumbar roll for too long without support for your legs, muscles in the lumbar region will tire. When that happens, the lumbar muscles curve and give way to a slouching position. Having an ergonomic office chair greatly alleviates the effects of sitting at a desk all day.


Are Gaming Chairs Worth The Money?

I’m sure many of you already know that it is worth buying a gaming chair, but I thought it was important to write this post in case you didn’t. Buying a good gaming chair will make your life a lot easier and once you’ve tried one, you’ll realize there was no going back. I’ve been using my chair for over two years and recommend getting one to everyone.


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